Course Project – Logic Circuits INEL 4205 – Digital Clock


Logic Circuits is a course that centers around the fundamentals of binary code, logic gates and the construction of complex circuits based on these logic gates. In this project, the main goal was to create a working LED Digital Clock. It had to be able to accept user input: set time in seconds, minutes and hours. Time format didn’t really matter, but for the design me and my team chose military time (00:00 – 23:59, or 24 hour based). The circuit is composed of various parts: BCD decoders, Multiplexers, etc. Everything was built from the ground up; our team only used a counter that Logic Works provided, but we still created and implemented our own counter. At the end of this post there’s a download link for the project (you can also find it in the Repository tab); it’s in zip file format and contains a PDF document (the project report) that contains the overview, specifications, parts used, diagrams made, schematic printouts and the actual files to run the clock (you’d need to have Logic Works). It was created in Logic Works v5.

Download the zip file here.


Course Project (Data Structures – ICOM4035) – Stage One

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This is the first stage of the main project of course ICOM4035 – Data Structures. The goal of the project is to successfully implement a terminal or “command prompt” for the creation and management of variables via Java programming language. The terminal must be able to execute a list of commands and apply those commands in accordance to specific guidelines. Some commands deal with actual variables (declare, assign, deletevar), while others operate in the whole of the terminal (list, delete, show). The student has to implement various components, most importantly a command manager and a variable manager, as well as command validation. Validation and execution had to be independent processes’. The whole implementation had to be with Abstract Data Types (ADT) for quick maintenance and compatibility issues. Stage one was to implement the whole system, components and most commands.

Here is a link to download stage one. It’s compressed as a zip file in order to quickly import as an existing project into any IDE.

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